Sunday, August 24, 2008

Obama is Antichrist

Barack Obama is The Antichrist that will bring The Tribulation and Armageddon:

(1) The number of his name is 666; (2) His birthday (August 4th) and announcement for President (February 10th 2007)coincided with the discovery of the "Mabus" Comet and its perihelion (brightest phase) between August 2006 and February 2007 (also known as The Great Comet of 2007 and McNaught Comet); (3) Obama's name is an anagram for "MABUS" (Nostradamus' so called 3rd Antichrist); (4) The biblical phrase "abomination of desolation" (associated with TheAntichrist) is an anagram for "Obama in Sion, tool of End" phrase--(every letter of 1st phrase used to make second phrase by rearranging letters); (5) Obama stated his top priority as President will be to achieve Israeli-Palestinian Treaty to create State of Palestine, settle status of Jerusalem, settle so called "right of return" issue (see Obama AIPAC speech 6-04-08). That Treaty will violate God's Commands to Israel (see Book of Exodus 23:31) and trigger Tribulation and Armageddon.

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Kenneth Alex Randolf. August 23, 2008. Seattle, Washington


Senor said...

I feel for you, my friend. You may mean well (though I'm not sure) but to direct such deep hatred toward a good man is not "serving God." It's perfectly acceptable to strongly oppose a man's politics without hurling the most vile insult possible at him.

Look within. Ask for forgiveness.

James F. McGrath said...

The person who maintains this blog is persuaded that Obama is the antichrist. I am persuaded that he is not the Beast from Revelation. I invite those interested in this subject to carefully study the relevant texts and other evidence in seeking to reach a conclusion, and hope you won't just assume the person whose claim agrees with your own viewpoint must be right.

karandolf said...

Dear Senor and James
What I say and write about Senator (soon to be President and Antichrist)Obama is driven by neither hate or fear. Nor is it based on ignorance or misunderstanding. I have submitted my heart and soul to The Holy Spirit of God, and it is His Spirit that guides my every word and step NOW. The time for quibbling endlessly over the precise meaning of every Biblical verb, adjective and pronoun, must end NOW. That kind of academic exercise is a luxory ill afforded when the Storm Winds of Tibulation and Armageddon are rapidly approaching. What all must do NOW is simply this: Prepare Yourself, Prepare Yourself, Prepare Yourself. The Day of God's Great Tribulation is at hand.
Few believers recognize that Obama is The Antichrist because almost all of the interpreters of Apocalyptic Scripture (famous and not-so-famous and unknown) have "locked" themselves into predicting his characteristics before he actually made his appearance on the World Stage---Hence--so many made the case for a European or Middle Eastern man leading perhaps a coalition of (revived Roman Empire)nations and so on. Having locked themselves into a fixed position (people like Haggee, Lindsey and so many,many others) they cannot now see the real Antichrist because to do so would be to confess error and misguided teachings for 1, 2,3 and 4 decades. What authority and credibility would they have left with the millions who rely on their interpretations.
Obama is indeed The Antichrist. The deceiver that has deceived is indeed a great deceiver.
Kenneth Alex randolf, Seattle, Washington

Anonymous said...

As soon as I saw Obama 2 years ago I knew he would be next president. The guy is worshiped wherever he goes. He has a charisma that is hard to describe. He also hates being criticized. You can just see the hatred in the mans eyes. Obama attended a church that preached hate for 20 years, has called Sarah Palin a pig, refuses to salute the flag. His wife has stated she has never been proud of her country until Obama came along. I believe George Bush may very well be the destroyer and Obama may very well be the antichrist. The powers he receives from the demonic realm will push him over the line to become president and we will see the Mayan calender come into effect. Even if I am incorrect and no one can be sure of this, why would you want someone who isa seperatist, unpatriotic and ill tempered running the world's most powerful country. It is arecipe for disaster. America is so eager for change that it will elect Obama believing that he is the one to change everything for the better. Be careful what you wish for America. Don't just vote for charisma

Anonymous said...

Give me a break! The Anti-Christ is whoever is most recently opposed in the political atmosphere to fundamentalist Christian views.
Every election I have to here this garbage.
Using the Kissenger model of the seventies, Sarah L. Palin = 666.
Take all this wasted energy and promote something good for the world.

adam said...

wow. you guys are far, far off from reality. your voices are far too gone to understand.

Jim Conners said...

I gotta hand it to you guys at the marketing department for Bill Maher's RELIGULOUS--you guys have PERFECTLY captured the essence of the overzealous-evangelical-whacked-out-doomsday-hopefuls with this viral website. For a second, I almost thought it was real! Bravo!

Boy, to think that some people actually believe this crap! But I guess anyone really could just take anything written in the Bible and twist it to fit their own agenda. I mean, that's how Bush justifies all of the horrible things he's done over the past eight years, right? LOL j/k :-p

I am very much looking forward to watching you fairly and objectively listen to the argument of far right-wingers of how the Rapture is near, and then using their own words to eviscerate that argument and the beliefs that they hold so dear, on October 3rd in theaters everywhere.

Pastor Larry said...

Hello friends,

I can't express how proud we, the congregation of the Wassila Bible
Church, are of our sister in Christ and favorite Mayor of Wassila, now
only one small step away from the Vice Presidency of the United States
of America, Sara Palin. In order to experience and enjoy the
centrality of Christ in our congregational life, we have had many
conversations here among the true believers about the meaning of the
Book of Revelation and what the Bible, as the only inspired inerrant
Word of God, authoritative for faith and practice, tells us about
Barak Obama.

Is Obama the true Anti-Christ or is he just involved with the
Anti-Christ? My question is very easy to answer. Does Obama not pull
at the thousands? Does he not appeal to thousands? He has risen from
seemingly no where, and yet many look up to him for all the answers
because he speaks of world peace and prosperity. Is it possible he
could stop the wars in the Middle East when they have been at war
since the biblical period? Only the Anti-Christ could pull off
something so miraculous. This is what he would have you believe
anyway: his miracles. He will not call them that today though, it is
too early. He will not claim to be God until the end; he will not
claim to do miracles until his followers are completely lost. By then,
all but God's children will have forgotten that he says he is no God
and he does not perform miracles. He will create world peace until he
believes he has conquered.

I am not surprised so many are desperate to protect Obama, for he will
have many followers. He will re-unite all countries, which will be
divided into ten parts, thus explaining the ten horns on the beast's
head, as proscribed in Revelation. The second beast will be his
disciple, convincing many of His "Miracles". Satan will not be in the
Anti-Christ until the end but he will talk with him, saying to the
man, that he alone is the true God. The Anti-Christ will speak in such
a way that he will charm you, but all are lies which will not remain
unseen. Revelation speaks about His coming, but in such a way you can
not take at face value. You must look beyond the words into their
meanings, and you will not see if you do not believe.

All believers know Revelation is some what a riddle and that
deciphering is key. You can not go by the words alone. Intellect and
rational thought will lead you to the devil! Follow the words of John
the Baptist and recognize the truth revealed in Revelation 13:5 that
the Anti-Christ will be given a "mouth speaking great things; a
charismatic figure and moving speaker." He is initially seen as a
blessing to the world that unites it and brings it out of a period of
great economic hardship and war. He will unite the country in a
sustained effort to rally industry to embark on new technologies and
brave new energy plans. Prosperity will again come to our land; the
economy will support rich and poor. All Americans will have a taste
of the fruit of the tree of prosperity and it will be sweet and
filling and bring us great joy.

He will speak of world peace. A world wide event will bring the
nations down (a bigger and more terrible stock market crash will
affect the world because so many sinners have their hands in the pot
of gold) and He will rise up and create peace between all for three
years, more or less. Let it be known that it will end and the
Anti-Christ's true nature will appear. Many will not notice because
they will already be lost in their own selfish hearts, counting their
gold. They will curse the lord for their wealth and good fortune and
turn to the Anti-Christ for guidance because they are blinded by him
and unwilling to see the truth.

Many of you who are reading this will laugh at me and call me a fool.
You will see these things come to pass and you will know the truth but
you will still be lost because you are selfish, unwilling to believe
what you cannot see. Many of you laugh now but will begin to believe
when it is not too late. I will not try to convince anyone right now
to believe because the Lord has a time and place for every one, He
will let me know in my heart when it is time to recruit believers. He
is in me now, speaking through me, to you, so that you will know what
is to come, what you must do, how you must vote, and to tell you not
all of you will join Him.

It is only up to you what you believe, but be watchful and remember
this warning, and pass it around to your friends and family.

To hear more on this important subject, visit our church in Wassila.

Extending God's grace to the farthest reaches,

Pastor Larry Kroon
Wassila, AK

Memphis, TN said...

Mr. Randolf and Kroon: I wish you all would really read and study your Bibles. You give true Christianity a bad name. I fear for the day you meet Jesus face to face: Matthew 7:15-23
[15] “Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves. [16] By their fruit you will recognize them. Do people pick grapes from thornbushes, or figs from thistles? [17] Likewise every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. [18] A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, and a bad tree cannot bear good fruit. [19] Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. [20] Thus, by their fruit you will recognize them.
[21] “Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only he who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. [22] Many will say to me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and in your name drive out demons and perform many miracles?’ [23] Then I will tell them plainly, ‘I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!’
True scholars of Scripture understand that Jesus wanted nothing to do with politics. The early Christians existed in possibly the most amoral government ever, yet they NEVER fought to change the laws or try to make specific predictions of the end times. Their entire lives were focused on following Jesus and helping others to do the same, even when it cost them their lives and the lives of their children. Revelation 21:8 makes it clear where liars belong. To those of you spreading lies like these about Barack Obama or anyone else, may God have mercy on your souls.

Megan said...

As a mental health professional I urge those of you who are making connections, such as the number of letters in a name corresponding with the number of the devil, to seek help at your local mental health facility.

You can call 911 if you feel you are immediate danger and they can send someone to you to help you.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more. Obama is
the Anti-Christ in every way.

He's true evil.

Anonymous said...

Just the fact that so many are decieved speaks volumes...even the few who have posted on this blog. I too, believe that Obama may very well be the antichrist, or the pre-cursor to the antichrist. Although I would love to see McCain/Palin win the election, I feel that Obama is going to win, afterall, it has already been determined by scripture.

John Kim said...

This is so ignorant, who are we to judge another? Only God should be able to judge others, for us to judge another is a sin. I love seeing religious hypocrites who try standing for something but instead sins because he/she was taught wrong. Let's say IF he is the "Antichrist" what right do we have to change the plan of God? We will NEVER know when the true ending will come, nor will we be able to predict the true "Antichrist", because it is clearly stated in the Bible that the end will come when God chooses it to be. It is merely a sin to strongly suggest such a drastic judgment towards another... may God forgive you of the sins you have committed. Please, do not be so prideful but redeem yourself in stopping this nonsense. It is ignorant to follow through an idea when sin has tainted the ideal of having the right to judge another.

Anonymous said...

Nov 5th, the Morning of his declared win, the Illinois pick three lotto was 666.

This is historical fact, go look it up.

It NEVER happened before.

Anonymous said...

It is very funny that the rise of Mr. Obama out of no where into the Presidency is truly amazing. To woo a country such as ours in a few short years, where it has taken many years for others that have done many great things before even being put on the national scene least of all elected President. Mr. Obama does in fact seam to 1. Come from nowhere 2. be a skillful orator 3. is loved by all the world.

Much of this could be coincidence and to my dismay when i see photos of third world people with Obama stickers on their foreheads, Rallies around the world for a man that these people don't even know, we don't even know him ralling to his words of hope.

All I personally can do is what the Bible asks of me, to be watchful and to not align myself with the opposition and not deny Christ to the death.

We will see in the coming months that if he can do what no other Presidents could do if he is mortally wounded and survives and continues to rule the us and brings peace to places that have never been willing before. There is so much hate and intolerance in the world today, But God tells us that everything will be brought into the light as my own sins have so If he is it, all will come to light and either way we should rejoice because god is coming.

This life is no novel and its for real if you love God keep him first and protect your family and others from harm.

Love will always overcome and if we practice this to the best of our abilities and stand and stand some more we will receive what God has for us.

As you can tell I am an ordinary man My hopes for us is to overcome all and to have a good life for my family.

thank God always

Anonymous said...

As I was listening to a Bill Deagle YouTube video on "Conspiracy, 9-11 & The New World Order"; I could not help but remember the Prophecies of Nostradamus--written in the year 1555: and how He mentioned a Third & Final "Anti-Christ" by the name of "a Mabus".

Although I know that Nostradamus was Very General & Vague in His Prophecies: He DID However, mention by NAME, although using "Anagrams", 'Napoleon' Bonaparte ("Napo-leon") and Adolf 'Hitler' ("Hister") !

I was Shocked when I wrote "a Mabus" on a napkin & then reverse-spelled it (spelled it backward); and it came out to spell "subaM a" or subaMa: Which is VERY CLOSE to "Obama" !

Obama may Very Well be The Mabus that Nostradamus wrote about in 1555 AD !

"...Consider of it, take advice, and speak your minds." Judges 19:30

Respectfully & Truthfully Yours,


Anonymous said...

I believe the Bible. There WILL be a global government and an antichrist. I will NOT worship him like the masses of humanity, even when he causes all to take the mark because of a global economic CHANGE.
I don't know who he is, but isn't it creepy that the new chief of staff is named EMANUEL (God with us).
Spiritually dead people will never understand the times we are in. Only those of the new birth can understand.
Put us crazy Christians down all you want, but don't close your mind to Jesus.

Andy said...

This is all very disturbing - the fact that you people have the right to own a computer let alone vote, and a 'pastor' as well. Twisting your holy book, making up anagrams that do not even work except in your paranoid little minds - it's freakish, it really is. Like the late, great Bill Hicks once said, there are some serious pockets of humanity out there.

bbllamakel said...

YES finally found a page that thinks obama is the antichrist.
let us all pray!

kathy said...

yes I believe obama is the anti-Christ it is so hard to fine a site that be leaves this I felt it in 2008 and for sure due know he is he is moving so fast one thing after the norther he has to because he knows his time is so short hes got 3 1/2 years to make people fill he has all the answers to are world problems before he receives a head wound but lives then he the so called Satan enters his body and all hell brakes out on this earth

Anonymous said...

I'm a teenage girl and I agree the end is coming. I believe he is the anti-christ. There are many signs. I'm scared now but I'm ready to see my maker. I just hope I've done all the right things. I don't think you show hatred, just the facts. Thank you for sharing.

flybird said...

people we need to put on are thinking caps and are walking boots.
It won’t be long now. Obama is saying he will due all in his power to help to make a two state in the middle east.
you all should know what that would mean a peace treaty is what he is after.
this world is going to get much much worse, as it goes on.
the ones I fill are against us is us. we will have people in are own country with the suite case bombs, the ones that are for this treaty, knowing that a lot are against it. thy will try to remove the threat that comes from the people that be leaves the bible.

its them that sees through obama its them that nos the truth.

theres a lot that are following him yes but theres a lot that aren’t just the same I know we can’t stop it but we can know what we are going to due just think how bad it could really be a vary large group of be leavers under a tent for worship could be removed.

how about on Christmas,Easter,good Friday fourth of July were cities are bible based theres some of them that would be a good area get rude of them

we will become a problem to obama and his government we will stand in his way thy will have to remove us, lock us up

I know what I must sound like but to some you have to sound nuts to get there attention

flybird said...

don’t recall the color of obama? never said his color I due not judge the book by its cover only by his actions.

If you choose to set and what to see fill free to due that thats are choose are god given right to express it

when Noah was building the ark people laugh thy didn’t get rain no that just doesn’t happen

Then he started to take pairs of animals on board then thy got on thy closed the doors

it started to rain Those people had all the chances in the world to turn and due right thy choose not to

it was to late know we have a choose to make we can say he’s black won’t give him a chance or we can say he fits a lot of the ways and yes it might be judging but if your right we may have saved a few which we are told to due if were wrong then we can and will be forgiven be cause we are watching and looking as god commanded us to due

flybird said...

We are to obey are government only if it is with god.

If we weigh the good that the government has done with the bad things that thy done we would have are answers

If I was as good as the government is I could be rich.

Thy will make it look like thy are giving you something but take some thing away thats not needed. But really is.

Thy can make you see some thing one way yet it is really another way.

Thy will not say we have a new world order thy will use another name. Because we use that word and we would be right.

Thy will make things happen to make the way for there future.
Thy will call it change. A change we all need. Don't worry about what that is we got it covered for you. don't worry people we have your best interest at heart.

I can get you all back to work, I can make jobs, for you I have the answers.
I can help you keep your homes, keep your family's together I can put food on the table. you won't be in tents no more. You can be clean again I have the answers.
follow me.

Now I want to give you something to show you I will due this for you take this mark and live again with your family's have your dreams come true. Have the life you once had and enjoy again

flybird said...

is something you need to check out thy are saying about Christians and the ones that are coming home from the war some of them

Pastor Larry said...

Just hours after Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin voiced her support for embattled Miss California Carrie Prejean, Biblical scholars noted that the alliance between the former and present beauty queens is prophesied in the Holy Scriptures.

While many observers have called the Palin-Prejean link-up predictable, few suspected that it was in fact predicted in The Book of Revelations.

"The unholy alliance between Sarah Palin and Carrie Prejean is explicitly stated in the Book of Revelations as a harbinger of the End of Days," said the reverend Dr. Davis Logsdon, Dean of the University of Minnesota's School of Divinity. "They're right in there, after the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse."

But Dr. Logsdon was quick to point out that the first person to notice the Palin-Prejean reference in the Bible's book of prophecy was actually the sixteenth-century seer Nostradamus, legendary for his predictive powers.

According to Dr. Logsdon, in 1555 Nostradamus predicted the alliance between the two right-wing beauties when he wrote, "The slayer of beasts shall meet the barer of breasts."

When asked whether the alliance between Gov. Palin and Miss California means that the world is about to end, Dr. Logsdon was unequivocal: "That would be the best-case scenario."

Anonymous said...

I saw your calculation of Obamas name and you don't even need all that you just count the letters of his name which are 18 which you add together make 666. I don't believe he IS the antichrist but I DO believe he is leading us to the antichrist. He will create the New World Order and once it is in place the antichrist will reveal himself.